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Building a Wardrobe: Shorts, Pants and Skirts Everyone Needs

18 Oct

Well this took me significantly longer than I had initially thought it would, but here is part 2 of the Building A Wardrobe series. You can check out part 1, which gives a breakdown of the must-have tops, here.


As I mentioned in the previous post, these are the pieces that I personally cannot live without, but depending on your activities and preferences, your list might vary. I like that all of these bottoms are very versatile and can be easily paired with a wide variety of tops.

I can’t live without my skinny jeans. I pretty much live in these Forever 21 ones. I know I know, these are pretty low quality on the scale of jeans, but I have a big butt and small waist, and  so for me, shopping for jeans really stinks. So I go for the ones with the most stretch, and still belt them most days. The Forever ones work well for me because they don’t stretch out too much after a couple wears.

Cardigan Sweater-18

I also love my boyfriend jeans. I own a lot of feminine pieces and the looser fit on these jeans makes them a perfect match for a more fitted, feminine top. The incorporation of a more masculine bottom can instantly make an ordinary outfit something more fashion forward.

Bleached Jeans Part 2-5

I also think white denim is a huge wardrobe must. Sometimes with my clumsiness white pants can be as much of a curse as a blessing, but I can’t deny how sharp they make any look appear.

Oh colored jeans, how I love you so. I love that you can incorporate color in a slightly different and unexpected way with colored jeans, and I’ve found that even the slightly wackier, or the really bright colors can be a great purchase. This yellow jean was an investment buy for me because the color is so versatile, but I also bought a bright mint jean at Forever 21 that I got a ton more wear out of than I expected.

All Purpose Colored Jeans-10            Color Mixing - Analogous Colors-1-2

I’m not normally a huge shorts person, so there aren’t a huge number in my closet, but the ones that I definitely can’t live with out  are just my plain denim shorts, and then my tweed shorts that have a little higher than normal waist. I like that the tweed ones offer a dressier look that’s kind of different, and denim shorts are just a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.

Casual White Tee and Shorts-1-2 untitled-3

I love skirts. I love how fun and girly they can be, and I love the huge variety of different skirts that you can get. So it was very hard for me to narrow it down to my favorites, but here’s what I ended up with.

A black pencil skirt is a must. It can be paired with nearly any top and still look fantastic. You can pair it with a graphic tee, a plain t-shirt, a button up, a blouse, or something a little more blinged out. It’s a great basic piece that can be repurposed in so many different ways.

Lazy Print Mixing-2

Everyone needs a little print in their lives, and a fun printed skirt is a great way to incorporate prints. Also if you can find one that’s just slightly above the knee, that’s pretty much the most flattering length on anyone.

Playing with Floral Print-5

And then to round out your skirt collection, a long maxi in a neutral color. This one from H&M is just perfect. The length is good, the fabric is nice, and it has pockets! What more could a girl want?

Styling with Emerald-4-2

Here’s where you can find all of these pieces for your own wardrobe:

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans: Asos
White Jeans: Levi’s
Colored Jeans: 7 for all Mankind/Forever 21
Jean Shorts: Calvin Klein
Tweed Shorts: Gap
Black Pencil Skirt: Target
Knee-length Print Skirt: Target
Long Maxi Skirt: H&M

I hope this part of the series was helpful, and I’d love to hear some of your wardrobe must-haves that I may not have mentioned here, or any of the pieces that I did mention that you really can’t live without.

Dressing Up for July 4th

7 Jul

Dressing Up for July 4th-3

Dressing Up for July 4th-4

Dressing Up for July 4th-1

Shorts : Old Navy + tutorial
Top: Unknown
Shoes: Macy’s (similar)
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange

I’m not exactly sure why I bought these shorts in the first place as they’re a bit long (I suspect it have had something to do with the $7 price tag), but they worked really well here. I ended up painting them (check out this post to see how) and then cuffing them a little to reduce the length. Since it was the 4th of July, I went a little crazy with my colors, but if it had been a normal day, I probably would have paired the shorts with a simple white tee.

I love dressing up for themed holidays, and I infected my entire family with the bug too.

What did you guys end up doing for the 4th of July? We ended up just doing a low-key BBQ in the backyard and wrapping up the night with some baby fireworks. Check out my instagram to see more pics from the night!

Dressing Up for July 4th-6

American Flag Inspired Shorts Tutorial

4 Jul

DIY Patriotic Shorts Tutorial

I’m not sure when I saw flag inspired shorts for the first time, maybe last year around the 4th of July, but I do know that from that moment, the wheels in my head began spinning. I really wanted a pair, but I needed the right occasion to really galvanize me into crafting mode.

So I made myself a pair to complete my 4th of July outfit. They were really simple, and came together quickly. For those of you who have never stenciled before, here are a few tips to make the process easier.

I swear by freezer paper for all my stenciling projects. You will find it in any grocery or convenience store near the wax paper and foil. I’ve tried a lot of different things and found that out of everything, I get the cleanest lines with freezer paper. But for those perfect lines you have to take your time ironing, and make sure that the steam setting on your iron is off.

Make sure to slip a piece of freezer paper inside each leg so you don’t get paint staining the back (though the denim should be thick enough to avoid this anyway).

When I did these shorts I used plain acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. That’s what I typically end up using as I have tons of acrylic paint from various art projects and it’s easier for me to just buy a tube of fabric medium (which basically converts normal paint into fabric paint), than buying fabric paint in all of the colors that I need. Choose what works better for you.

I think I’ll probably go back and do the pockets in the future, but until then I’m loving these shorts. Check back tomorrow for an outfit post featuring my new patriotic shorts!

It’s Hot!

2 Jul

It's Hot-3

It's Hot-2

It's Hot-1

Top: Banana Republic
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Unknown (similar)

I was in Vegas this weekend and boy was it hot. I thought that anything above 97C was too hot, but when we were in Vegas it got up into the 120’s. Yeah not the most pleasant of temperatures, especially when you hit the no AC zone right before you cross the California-Nevada border.

So when I got back home to weather in the high 90’s, I decided I was going to make the best of it. Light clothing that isn’t clingy and too fitted is your best bet when it’s this warm outside. And if you’re going to wear a chiffon top like I did here, try your best to find matching undergarments so you don’t have to layer a tank top or camisole underneath.

On California Casual and Changes

9 Apr

Casual White Tee and Shorts-1-2
Casual White Tee and Shorts-5
Casual White Tee and Shorts-3
Top : Ember
Shorts : Forever 21
Shoes : Unknown

I could not resist this shirt when I saw it on the rack. There’s something just so fun about it, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know any words from the song other than this line, or I probably would have reconsidered buying it…well maybe, maybe not.

And pairing it with these shorts made a California casual outfit with a little edge, which I’m really loving.

Casual White Tee and Shorts-4
But enough about clothes, there’s something else I’d like to discuss with you all today.

Over the next few days, there’s going to be some changes (for the better, I promise!), and I just wanted to give all of you amazing readers a heads up. I started out this blog because of my love for fashion, and my desire to share it, but never in my wildest dreams did I believe that it would grow this quickly. And that, my readers, is all thanks to you.

But as a result, I’ve also outgrown the limitations of my current hosting sooner than I expected. Over the next few days, I’ll be switching over to paid hosting that will give me more space and freedom.

To reduce some of that cost, I’ll also be affiliate linking to some of the products that I wear in my outfits. What this means for me is that if you like the clothing I wear and are interested in purchasing it, I might get a small commission.

Some of the links to clothing in my posts will be affiliate links, some will just be online shopping links. Ultimately, what this means for you is that you’ll be able to find the clothes I’m wearing and get them for yourself! The purpose of this post is to be up-front and honest with you, and to let you know that great things are still well on their way.

And so that’s my important news. I’m really excited about it all. It’ll be a lot more work on my end, but it’ll be so much fun. There might be a few hiccups in the next few days as a I transition, but rest assured all of your email subscriptions will seamlessly transfer. The site URL isn’t changing either, so chances are, you might not even notice! I’ll see you guys on the other side 😉