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How to Style a Printed Pencil Skirt

15 Aug


Since I was obsessing about this Forever 21 skirt earlier, I figured that it was only fitting to do another one of my “Ways to Style” posts. You’d think a bright yellow print might not get as much wear as something more neutral, but the print makes it more fun and less professional than a typical black or gray pencil skirt, so you can pair it with so much more!

Yellow Skirt + Graphic Tee-2
1)Wear it with a loose graphic tee.
This is a really simple way to dress down a pencil skirt. I like that while the words on my t-shirt add some fun to the outfit they don’t take away from the beautiful floral print on the skirt.

Yellow Skirt + Sleeveless Button Up-1
2)Pair the skirt with a sleeveless top.

You can easily take this skirt into the night by pairing it with a tank top or a sleeveless button-up like I did here. The zebra print works well because while it’s a bold print, the colors are from the same color palette as my skirt.

Yellow Skirt and Cardigan-5
3)Belt it and Layer over a sweater.
Because the sweater is rather simple, I added a thin belt to draw the eye in to the waist. I love this particular outfit because of the fun back detail of my “sweater” (check out this post to see what I mean).

Yellow Skirt + Striped Tee-4
4)Pair the skirt with a striped t-shirt.
Once again, the striped shirt goes with just about anything! If you don’t believe me, go back to my 9 ways to wear a striped shirt post.

Yellow Skirt + Cardi-2
5)Layer under a shirt and belted cardigan.

I love cardigans, but it frustrates me that they usually don’t look as figure flattering from behind. Here I belted my cardigan so I have a clean look from the front as well as the back.

Pencil Skirt Pop-5
6)Tuck a chiffon button-up into the skirt.
I always love a chiffon; they’re the perfect amount of transparent. This one was just a perfect match because the light lavender just really made the bright yellow of the skirt pop. To see the breakdown of this outfit, check out this post.

Other great pairings would be a chambray and a peplum. I really love the way peplums look with pencil skirts, but unfortunately since I’m so picky with my peplums, I didn’t have one that matched.

Polka Dots and Natural Dying

12 Jul

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-6

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-5

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-8

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-3

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (check in store/similar/similar)
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Abella

I’m loving all the fantastic prints that they’re selling right now. It makes me so happy when trends align with my favorite styles, and that’s also my excuse for stocking up on all these great pieces.

Tip: Pick up in some fun printed cardigans from the sales racks! They can add a little extra pop to a simple outfit, and they’re great to stuff in your bag on summer days where it might be hot outside, but a little too cold inside because of air conditioning.

Hair Update:
The semi-permanent toner that my stylist put in had mostly faded leaving me with lighter, more golden highlights than I would have liked, so I dyed over it all with henna (which is entirely plant-based, good for your hair, and permanent). Now my highlights are a warm auburn and my hair is super soft! Also my bangs are growing out, so I’m experimenting with side bangs for a few days before I trim them back into straight bangs.

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-4

This is what my hair looks like in direct sunlight. And after seeing my bangs in pictures I don’t think I really like them as side bangs so they will likely get trimmed very soon.


10 Jun





Dress : H&M
Shoes : Decree (similar)
Necklace : Unknown
Bangles : Unknown
Clutch : M.U.D.D. (similar)

Occasionally, you get a piece of clothing that is just perfect the way it is. I wanted to add a belt to this dress, as I belt pretty much everything, but it just broke up the gorgeous print. Instead I accessorized with a long necklace and a few bangles, but allowed the dress and the print to take center stage.

A great outfit comes together when you have a eye for the details. A simple and well edited outfit speaks louder than a multi-layered look that is unbalanced and overwhelming. Actually, looking at the photos, I think I could have even edited down a little more. The clutch, while the print is so much fun, should have probably been left out.