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Polka Dots and Natural Dying

12 Jul

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-6

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-5

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-8

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-3

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (check in store/similar/similar)
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Abella

I’m loving all the fantastic prints that they’re selling right now. It makes me so happy when trends align with my favorite styles, and that’s also my excuse for stocking up on all these great pieces.

Tip: Pick up in some fun printed cardigans from the sales racks! They can add a little extra pop to a simple outfit, and they’re great to stuff in your bag on summer days where it might be hot outside, but a little too cold inside because of air conditioning.

Hair Update:
The semi-permanent toner that my stylist put in had mostly faded leaving me with lighter, more golden highlights than I would have liked, so I dyed over it all with henna (which is entirely plant-based, good for your hair, and permanent). Now my highlights are a warm auburn and my hair is super soft! Also my bangs are growing out, so I’m experimenting with side bangs for a few days before I trim them back into straight bangs.

Polka Dots and Natural Dying-4

This is what my hair looks like in direct sunlight. And after seeing my bangs in pictures I don’t think I really like them as side bangs so they will likely get trimmed very soon.

Why Neutrals Can Be Amazing

19 May

Why Neutrals Can Be Great-11

Why Neutrals Can Be Great-2

Why Neutrals Can Be Great-8

Dress : c/o Mfandj*
Clutch : c/o Bonne Amie Boutique*
Shoes : City Struts (similar)
Belt : Charlotte Russe (Similar)

I know I’m always obsessing about color, but neutrals also make fantastic outfits. The nice thing about wearing neutrals is that you really can call attention to the gorgeous textures and prints that you’re wearing.

Why Neutrals Can Be Great-10

This dress and clutch are wonderful designs from Etsy sellers Mfandj and Bonne Amie Boutique. The white polka-dot print of the clutch pops perfectly against the soft gray lace dress, and the darker heels and belt balance out the spectrum of colors.

I hope to experiment with different hairstyles in the future. I’ve realized I tend to be really lazy with my hair. Do you guys have any easy favorite hairstyles?

Why Neutrals Can Be Great-5

Bonne Amie Boutique is offering the readers of Dress Up on a Cloudy Day a 10% discount on their products from now until May 30 with the code DRESSUP10 and Mfandj is offering a 10% discount from now until June 8 with the code DUCD10. Take this opportunity to check out both of these designer’s fantastic products!

* These products were given to me courtesy of (c/o) Mfandj and Bonne Amie Boutique, but all opinions and writing are of my own.

Romantic Lace and Edgy Boots

24 Feb

Lace Dress : H&M
Shoes : Madden Girl
Crossbody Bag : Macys

I’m a big fan of belting to define my waist, but this dress really does look much better loose. Belting it just compromises the soft romantic quality of it. I didn’t want to take my outfit full on girly today though, so I made it a little more fun with my combat boots.

These boots are the most worn shoes in my closet because of their versatility. I can wear them tall or short, and the snaps on the side make that even easier. Combat boots are a great addition to any wardrobe I think because they can edge up a simple outfit, they’re a perfect contrast to girlier pieces, and they’re comfy and can handle most kinds of weather. These definitely get a lot of wear. You’ve already seen them unfolded in this post. I love the added details like the print on the lining.

And the tights add a little extra to the outfit and make it more weather appropriate (and they might also allow me to be lazy and avoid shaving my legs but you didn’t hear that from me 😉 ).

Polka Dot Frenzy and Lavender Love

22 Feb

Polka Dot Pants : Old Navy
Lavender Top : JCPenney
Necklace : Forever 21
Black Flats : Macys

I know, I know. Spring doesn’t officially start for almost another month. But I have this problem. Once I buy a piece of clothing I have to wear it within the next few days. . And this top is just the prettiest pale pastel color. I don’t think it comes across as well in the photos but in reality it’s a pale, almost grey, lavender. And besides, here in California it feels like spring has already started. The clouds are mostly gone, and the rain is almost nonexistent. Yep, that’s the extent of our winter. No snow ever, thank goodness. I’m a complete wimp when it comes to actual cold weather, and after spending a couple years living in the sunny city of San Diego, I’ve only been more spoiled.

Can we talk about polka dot pants though? The first time I saw them I knew I needed a pair. They are so much fun! I think these are rather subtle for polka dots though. From far away they look like plain navy pants. And then when you come up close, surprise! Yep. Definitely a source of amusement for me.