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Pseudo Boyfriend Jeans – Tips on Cuffing Jeans

2 May

Cuffing Bootcut Jeans
Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Pseudo Boyfriend Jeans-4
Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Jeans: PacSun
Top: Fossil (similar)
Bag: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)

I’ve always liked the carefree look of boyfriend jeans, but never really bought a pair for myself because the looser fit often meant that my larger hips and thighs looked even bigger than usual. And so when I stumbled on this awesome trick of cuffing bootcut jeans to get a boyfriend jean look from another blogger (whose post I can’t seem to find anymore 😦 ), I had to do my own take of it.

Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Tip: So to get that slimmer silhouette on top while still getting the looser leg of boyfriend jeans, grab a pair of reasonably decent fitting bootcut jeans, taper the leg slightly by folding it in over itself, and cuff it twice.

And I love the effect I got. I got something that was flattering, while still embodying the silhouette of the boyfriend jean. I like to fold over the leg before I cuff it for a cleaner looking cuff that also has more volume above it.

I might take some sand paper and distress my jeans a little bit to get the effect I’m going for.


My Inner Badass

12 Apr

My Inner Badass-5
My Inner Badass-12
My Inner Badass-11
My Inner Badass-10
Top: Express
Jacket: Pimkie (similar)
Jeans: New York and Company
Necklace: c/o Outrage Fashion
Ear Cuff: Forever 21

Isn’t it funny how the littlest things can totally change your personal style? When I cut my hair short a few years ago my style shifted to a more clean modern look (I’m sure living in France for a while also played into to that style phase), and now that it’s grown out, I typically go for more fun and feminine looks.

And so, when I put on this necklace from Outrage Fashion, I could feel my inner badass coming to the surface. I wanted to wear my leather jacket and drive around on a motorcycle that I do not have (or know how to ride for that matter). I even donned the ear cuff that I had previously deemed too bold.

My Inner Badass-4

That’s one of my favorite things about fashion. You can present whichever version of yourself that you’re feeling like to the world. Today, with my pearl studs, chunky ear cuff, red lipstick, heels, and spiked necklace, I’m this blend of feminine and edgy. Clearly it isn’t in my DNA to go full badass. I tried to come across as cool in the photos, but I just couldn’t stop laughing (yet another reason I could never be a model).

What personas do you like to put on through your clothing?

Pink Print Mixing + Vacation Plans!

23 Mar

Print Mixing and Pinks-2
Print Mixing and Pinks-1
Print Mixing and Pinks-6
Print Mixing and Pinks-3
Dress: Target
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: Unknown
Shoes: Abella (via DSW)

So by the time you read this I’ll be (hopefully) finishing up my packing for my exciting next two week vacation. Most of next week I’ll be on a boat with no internet access whatsoever, so I’ve prewritten a few posts and set them to post over the course of the week. So if everything goes as it should you should still be hearing from me a few more times this week, though it’ll be the me from the past rather than the me from the present (that sounds weird but you get the drift).

I’m cruising next week, but maybe you’re curious what I’m up to the week after? Exciting things, that I can promise you, but I’ll share more details when I get back.

It wasn’t actually cold today but I was in a snuggly kind of weather so I threw on a light scarf and jacket to round out my outfit. I love the contrast of the prints in my scarf and dress. They’re both neutral enough that they go well together, but they’re visually very distinct.

Tip: Combine prints that have one or two colors in common for a more subtle look that still pops.

Here I used the solid pink blazer to pull the look together. Since mixing prints can get a little busy looking it helps to have a solid color in there to give the eyes a break.

Blazer + Graphic Tee

10 Oct

Blazer + Graphic Tee-1

Blazer + Graphic Tee-7

Blazer + Graphic Tee-6

Blazer : H&M
T-shirt: Unknown
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar)

I was on the hunt for the perfect interview blazer last month, and seriously I must have checked almost every single store. Excluding a stunning purple blazer which Nordstrom sadly didn’t carry in my size, the only place I found an appropriate, flattering blazer was H&M.

I love all of the little details on it. Like how it’s lined with a striped satin that peeks out when you roll up the sleeves, and how it is structured and looks significantly more expensive than it was.

Tip: Layer a blazer over a casual graphic tee to take a simple day outfit to a more dressed up level.

Blazer + Graphic Tee-5

Also I’ve been obsessed with fishtail braids lately. I love how my highlights really accent the braid, since when I used to try braids when my hair was completely black, a lot of detail of the braid was often lost. But since my hair has so many layers right now, I have to be careful to braid very tightly otherwise by the time I get home in the evening my hair looks messier than I’d like.

Rocking a Romper…Sort of

3 Sep




Top : Macy’s (old)
Jeans : Forever 21
Shoes : Flats : Betsyville via JCPenney

This shirt is actually a romper, and also a lesson in why you shouldn’t just buy things because they’re on trend.

I loved the top part of this and I had kind of been wanting a romper so I picked it up without even trying it on. While I’m sure I could find a romper that was flattering on me, this thin jersey that clung to my hips in a rather unpleasant manner wasn’t the best choice.

But I’ve kept it in my closet because I really do love the top part, and the fact that it’s a romper makes it a breeze to tuck it in to anything. When tucking something in, a slim fitting but not tight top is the most flattering I think.

Tip: When your top is a little wider than you’d like, a little trick I use is pinching the fabric in the center back of the top before tucking it in, which gathers it a little in the center and gives you a more streamlined look in the front.

Also, it rained for the first day in a while yesterday, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for some crisp fall weather, and warm cuddly sweaters. For some reason I’m looking forward to fall more than usual this year…might be the fact that for the first time in almost 15 years the beginning of fall doesn’t coincide with the beginning of school.

Hard and Soft

8 Aug

Cargos and Birds-13

Cargos and Birds-3

Cargos and Birds-4

Top : Forever 21 (similar)
Cargo Pants : Unknown (Similar)
Flats : Betsyville via JCPenney

Cargo pants, particularly this pair, can come across as utilitarian and masculine, so pairing them with a floaty feminine top like I did here can really pull it together into a cohesive outfit.

Tip : Next time when you’re looking through your wardrobe for the perfect outfit, pair together some opposites- an edgy studded belt goes great with a soft, cozy sweater, and a fitted tee goes great with some loose draped pants.

When you use this trick you get a great balance and  your outfit will just click. Also, if you want to switch things up, take a shirt your usually belt at the waistline and tuck it in instead for a totally different look.

What are your favorite opposites combinations?

P.S. Voting for the style competition I’m competing in (Modest Fashionistas) closes tonight so make sure to get your votes in! I’m in second place right now, but a few more votes is all I need to get bumped up to first!

Tribal with a Western Kick

6 Jun

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-8

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-3

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-10

Dress : Macys
Boots : H&M (similar)
Denim Jacket : Wet Seal (similar)
Bracelet : Unknown

I think this is probably the longest I’ve gone between blog posts. Things have been really crazy the past few days, but they’re definitely looking up.

I’m not sure what to call this style but it’s definitely one of my go to outfits. I loved the print on this dress, and it was on sale so I bought it even though the length was awkward (mid-calf) and then shortened it and rehemmed it when I got home.

I think just above knee-length is probably the most universally flattering length on any woman. Longer lengths often cut you mid-calf and have a shortening effect, and shorter lengths can sometimes be harder to pull off depending on your build and level of comfort.

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-15

The other nice thing about rehemming the dress is that I took the bottom 7 inches or so and just turned it into an infinity scarf since it was already circular to begin with. So not only did I get a cute dress for a total steal, I got a scarf too!