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Subtle Stripes and Polka Dots

25 Mar

Subtle Stripes and Polka Dots-4
Subtle Stripes and Polka Dots-1-2
Subtle Stripes and Polka Dots-1
Shirt: Unknown (similar)
Sweater: Gap (similar)
Scarf: Designed by Me
Shoes: Unknown

I go through cycles of obsession with certain things, and my most recent has been my one with knitting. I’d learned how to knit almost 8 or 9 years ago, but had kind of forgotten about it until well into my college career. Since then I’ve been casually knitting and making some fun projects, and when I graduated I ended up having loads of free time to dedicate to the cause. So I made a scarf or two (you’ve seen one of them here), and then I started trying my hand at making something based on something I’d seen somewhere but didn’t have a pattern to make.

And I don’t think I did too bad! I love this scarf more than I love any of my other scarves because I put energy into figuring out how everything worked and because it’s so different and unique.

So maybe I’m a little bit of a old lady at heart, but I think knitting might be one of those obsessions that’ll stick around a little while. I’m working on my first sweater right now so we’ll see how long that’ll take.

Lazy Day Outfit with a Side of Hair Troubles

13 Mar

Lazy Day Outfit-14
Lazy Day Outfit-2
Lazy Day Outfit-10
Raglan T-Shirt : Cotton On
Jeans : Forever 21
Boots : Madden Girl
Satchel : Dooney and Bourke
Beanie : Knit by Me (using the Ripley pattern)

I have this awful habit of stylist jumping, for a number of different reasons, but this always means that I’m always both excited and nervous before a haircut. This particular stylist came with good feedback from many of my friends so I had decided to wait until after my haircut for this photoshoot. Probably not the best of choices. Don’t get me wrong. I love my haircut. She did my pseudo-bangs à la Jennifer Laurence (who I have a total crush on by the way) from Silver Linings. You’ll be able to see that better in future posts. I just don’t like how wrong the styling was. Part of that was probably just that my hair is thicker than she’s used to but ah well.

Tip 1: Make a neutral outfit more fun with a pop of color.

Tip 2: Wear a hat when your hair doesn’t look that cute 😉

Lazy Day Outfit-18
I’d also like to call attention to my purse. As a recent college graduate I don’t have much spare cash for splurge pieces like this but oh was this one well worth it. The leather is so rich and smooshy and even after a month of heavy use it still has that rich leather smell. and best of all it’s got all of the quality with none of the over the top branding (the duck is adorable).  I got a less expensive but still gorgeous bag from Dooney and Bourke, but then I saw this one and completely fell in love. I waffled about it for a little while and then realized its not worth spending that much money on something you aren’t completely obsessed with. So I returned it, waited for my bag to go on sale, and then I splurged on it. While it’s probably one of the most expensive pieces in my wardrobe, it was definitely a good choice for an investment piece.

Tip 3: A simple and inexpensive outfit can be elevated with some unique, luxurious accessories.

Lazy Day Outfit-9
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Handmade and Houndstooth

11 Mar

Houndstooth and Handmade-6
Houndstooth and Handmade-2
Houndstooth and Handmade-8
Houndstooth and Handmade-1
Houndstooth and Handmade-4
Dress : Forever 21
Tights : Forever 21
Shoes : Macy’s
Scarf : Made by me

I normally wear this dress with a backless bra but I wanted to try something different this time. I think that in the future I’ll stick to the backless bra. I feel that the bandeau cheapens the dress a little. I’m really happy with the rest of the outfit, though. Black and white prints are really in right now and I think the scarf adds the perfect pop of color.

Tip: Invest in some printed and colored tights that are on trend for this season. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate trends into your outfits and dip your toes into something that might be a little outside your comfort zone.

The scarf I made using the GAP-tastic cowl pattern and was really such a quick and easy knit. I finished after only three days of sporadic knitting. You cast on 131 stitches onto size 13 circular needles and just keep alternating between a knit and purl stitch until you run out of yarn. I used 2 skeins of Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn and I love how soft and warm it is. If you’re a beginner knitter or have always wanted to learn, this is a great first project.