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Here’s to Never Growing Up: Despicable Me Outfit

17 May

Never Growing Up- Despicable Me Minon Tee-7
Never Growing Up- Despicable Me Minon Tee-3
Never Growing Up- Despicable Me Minon Tee-6
Tshirt: Target (similar)
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Unknown
Glasses: Warby Parker

I’m a kid at heart, and most days my wardrobe is a subtle expression of that; bright colors, fun prints, girly silhouettes. But this shirt is full on kid. I’m normally not a huge crew neck girl, but this shirt was too cute to resist.

Tip: Go for boxier silhouettes with graphic tees. It makes it easier to tuck and style them in different ways.

Pairing the shirt with my glasses was a no brainer because I wanted to be able to make a minion face. Yes I know, I’m a total five year old. Too bad I don’t have round glasses like the minion in the picture.

Pseudo Boyfriend Jeans – Tips on Cuffing Jeans

2 May

Cuffing Bootcut Jeans
Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Pseudo Boyfriend Jeans-4
Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Jeans: PacSun
Top: Fossil (similar)
Bag: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)

I’ve always liked the carefree look of boyfriend jeans, but never really bought a pair for myself because the looser fit often meant that my larger hips and thighs looked even bigger than usual. And so when I stumbled on this awesome trick of cuffing bootcut jeans to get a boyfriend jean look from another blogger (whose post I can’t seem to find anymore ūüė¶ ), I had to do my own take of it.

Cuffing Bootcut Jeans - DIY Boyfriend Jeans
Tip: So to get that slimmer silhouette on top while still getting the looser leg of boyfriend jeans, grab a pair of reasonably decent fitting bootcut jeans, taper the leg slightly by folding it in over itself, and cuff it twice.

And I love the effect I got. I got something that was flattering, while still embodying the silhouette of the boyfriend jean. I like to fold over the leg before I cuff it for a cleaner looking cuff that also has more volume above it.

I might take some sand paper and distress my jeans a little bit to get the effect I’m going for.

Black and White Dress Up Day

1 May

Garden Party Chic-6
Garden Party Chic-3
Garden Party Chic-4
Garden Party Chic-2
Dress: H&M (similar and unbelievably gorgeous)
Hat: Unknown (similar)
Bag: Coach (similar)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry (similar)
Watch: Micheal Kors
Belt:Unknown (similar)

Best way to beat the heat is go for light colors and hide under a wide hat. And boy has it been hot here lately. So this airy lace dress paired with the beachy sun hat worked well yesterday when I spent almost all day outside.

But the two pieces paired together looked a little too much like a pretty garden party look for my tastes. So to balance that out, I accessorized slightly less girly accessories. A studded black belt, black sandals and a chunky watch worked well to balance out girliness of the outfit.

Tip: Don’t underestimate some of the dressier pieces in your wardrobe. This dress I bought for graduation and haven’t really worn since because I didn’t feel like I had an occasion that suited it, but paired with the right accessories it worked perfectly for a simple day out.

Lately I’ve been drawn towards black and white looks (see here too) which is a little out of character for my color obsessed self, and also out of the norm of typical spring wardrobe, but there’s something so crisp and clean about black and white together.

Tip: Try an all black and white look, you may be surprised how put together the bold colors make you feel (pattern mixing makes it all the more fun).

To Tuck or Not To Tuck?

10 Apr

To Tuck or Not To Tuck-5

To Tuck or Not To Tuck-4

To Tuck or Not To Tuck-6

To Tuck or Not To Tuck-3
Tank: Forever 21
Blazer: H&M
Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: c/o ZeroUV
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar)

My first instinct is to tuck most things in. It emphasizes the waistline and I feel like it always makes an outfit look more polished. So when I bought these pants almost a month ago, I immediately wanted to tuck drapey tops in. There were two problems with that:

  1. Tucking emphasized the significant amount of fabric around my hips, making these otherwise cute pants unflattering on me.
  2. Since the waist of the pants was lower, tucking in a loose top also meant that the skinniest part of me that you could see was where my pants hit, which was significantly wider than my natural waist.

So when I finally gave in and tried these pants with an untucked top, I was surprised and ended up being really happy with the result. The balance of the draped pant and fitted top works well here, and if I end up getting pants like this with a waistline at my natural waist then I’ll definitely try tucking those in, but until then…untucked it is!

Tip: Don’t stick to your style comfort zone because it’s easy. Keep in mind what parts of your body you like most, and try to put together outfits that cater to that.

To Tuck or Not To Tuck-7
Also don’t my glasses rock? ZeroUV has so many super cute styles at an affordable price of $9.99. When I saw these I wasn’t sure if they were my style, but then I put them on, and I didn’t want to ever take them off. They’re just so fun! I also want this, this, and this, and given the price point I wouldn’t feel bad buying all three.

From Simple to Stylin’: Button-Up and Jeans Edition

13 Mar

Before & After Updating a Basic Look
Updating a Basic Look-2
Updating a Basic Look-7
Top: Express
Jeans: New York and Company
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors
Clutch: Neiman Marcus

We all get into style ruts when we find ourselves wearing the same things over and over, but there are always little adjustments you can make to a look to take it from something that looks simple and ordinary to something that looks chic and fashionable.

This series focuses on covering simple tips that can elevate the basic pieces that we often gravitate to.

Here I’ve just thrown on skinny jeans and a chiffon button-up. On their own they’re great pieces, and put together they make a fine outfit, but it’s rather simple.

To take this look from simple to stylin’ I made the following tweaks:

  1.  I rolled up the sleeves of my button-up three quarters way up (to right below my elbows).
  2. I tucked in the top so you could actually see my belt.
  3. I cuffed my jeans so instead of gathering at my feet they hit a little above my ankle.
  4. I switched out the flip-flops for these fun strappy shoes.
  5. And I accessorized with a chunky watch and a cute clutch.

Rolling up sleeves keeps them out of the way, and makes top more appropriate for warmer weather. It’s also a great way to dress down more formal tops.

Updating a Basic Look-6
I love tucking in tops in general because it accentuates your waist and allows you to show off your belt even with a longer top. With button-ups you can do a full or a half tuck and both look equally flattering.

Here I chose to cuff my jeans specifically because the shoes I wanted to wear hit higher on my calf and I didn’t want the excess fabric at my ankles to be draw from those gorgeous shoes. When you’re wearing simple pieces like I am in this outfit it’s always a great opportunity to showcase your more interesting shoes.

Updating a Basic Look-4
I love my watch, and I’ve found that the chunky piece goes well with nearly any outfit and is a great statement piece. ¬†Whether your favorite statement piece is a great necklace or a bold necklace, it can really add a lot to a simple look such as this one. And then I added my blue clutch for a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

And to all my blogger followers I’d love to see your take on “From Simple to Stylin'”. I know we all have out little style tricks that we use to brighten up an otherwise ordinary look. If you link to this post with your own Simple to Stylin’ post, I’ll make sure to share it with my readers as well!

Fall Fashion: Ways to Style Houndstooth

1 Nov


I’m totally obsessed with houndstooth. It’s a great classic print that’s also a little different and bold. It’s a great addition to anyone’s fall wardrobe this season, or any season for that matter, and myself, Kayla, and Lexie have a few tips on how you can incorporate it into your outfits this season. Whether you choose to pair a houndstooth piece with some bright colors, or with neutral pieces, or invest in a versatile houndstooth accessory, you really can’t go wrong with this print. It’s pretty forgiving.


Sweater: Uniqlo

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes: Soft Styles (similar)

Bag: Dooney and Bourke

So I let the crisp black and white of the houndstooth print really be the focal point in the look and then complemented it with shades of gray, black, and white.

I’ve been making an effort to balance out my closet with more quality basic pieces and this cashmere sweater definitely falls into that category. At 1/2 the price of a most cashmere sweaters, the quality of this Uniqlo sweater is pretty great. I loved how much more fall it made my outfit feel.


I really like how the different textures in this outfit really balance with each other very well. The shiny patent leather looks great against the soft cashmere, and the black leather boots add a nice additional texture.

Don’t forget to check out the breakdowns for the other houndstooth looks featured in this post!

Lexie from Lexie Faith

Kayla from Kay’s Couture

P.S. Any bloggers interested in joining this monthly series please shoot me an email at dressuponacloudyday@gmail.com.

Blazer + Graphic Tee

10 Oct

Blazer + Graphic Tee-1

Blazer + Graphic Tee-7

Blazer + Graphic Tee-6

Blazer : H&M
T-shirt: Unknown
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar)

I was on the hunt for the perfect interview blazer last month, and seriously I must have checked almost every single store. Excluding a stunning purple blazer which Nordstrom sadly didn’t carry in my size, the only place I found an appropriate, flattering blazer was H&M.

I love all of the little details on it. Like how it’s lined with a striped satin that peeks out when you roll up the sleeves, and how it is structured and looks significantly more expensive than it was.

Tip: Layer a blazer over a casual graphic tee to take a simple day outfit to a more dressed up level.

Blazer + Graphic Tee-5

Also I’ve been obsessed with fishtail braids lately. I love how my highlights really accent the braid, since when I used to try braids when my hair was completely black, a lot of detail of the braid was often lost. But since my hair has so many layers right now, I have to be careful to braid very tightly otherwise by the time I get home in the evening my hair looks messier than I’d like.