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From Simple to Stylin’: Button-Up and Jeans Edition

13 Mar

Before & After Updating a Basic Look
Updating a Basic Look-2
Updating a Basic Look-7
Top: Express
Jeans: New York and Company
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors
Clutch: Neiman Marcus

We all get into style ruts when we find ourselves wearing the same things over and over, but there are always little adjustments you can make to a look to take it from something that looks simple and ordinary to something that looks chic and fashionable.

This series focuses on covering simple tips that can elevate the basic pieces that we often gravitate to.

Here I’ve just thrown on skinny jeans and a chiffon button-up. On their own they’re great pieces, and put together they make a fine outfit, but it’s rather simple.

To take this look from simple to stylin’ I made the following tweaks:

  1.  I rolled up the sleeves of my button-up three quarters way up (to right below my elbows).
  2. I tucked in the top so you could actually see my belt.
  3. I cuffed my jeans so instead of gathering at my feet they hit a little above my ankle.
  4. I switched out the flip-flops for these fun strappy shoes.
  5. And I accessorized with a chunky watch and a cute clutch.

Rolling up sleeves keeps them out of the way, and makes top more appropriate for warmer weather. It’s also a great way to dress down more formal tops.

Updating a Basic Look-6
I love tucking in tops in general because it accentuates your waist and allows you to show off your belt even with a longer top. With button-ups you can do a full or a half tuck and both look equally flattering.

Here I chose to cuff my jeans specifically because the shoes I wanted to wear hit higher on my calf and I didn’t want the excess fabric at my ankles to be draw from those gorgeous shoes. When you’re wearing simple pieces like I am in this outfit it’s always a great opportunity to showcase your more interesting shoes.

Updating a Basic Look-4
I love my watch, and I’ve found that the chunky piece goes well with nearly any outfit and is a great statement piece.  Whether your favorite statement piece is a great necklace or a bold necklace, it can really add a lot to a simple look such as this one. And then I added my blue clutch for a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

And to all my blogger followers I’d love to see your take on “From Simple to Stylin'”. I know we all have out little style tricks that we use to brighten up an otherwise ordinary look. If you link to this post with your own Simple to Stylin’ post, I’ll make sure to share it with my readers as well!


The Versatility of Button-Ups

22 Apr

Playing with Floral Print-1

Playing with Floral Print-5

Playing with Floral Print-1-2

Top : New York and Company (similar)
Skirt : Forever 21 (similar)
Tights : Target (similar)
Shoes : Unknown

A girl can never own too many button-ups. They’re a great way to elevate an ordinary outfit. I typically pair this skirt with a simple shirt, but this time I needed something a little more dressed up, and this outfit definitely fits the bill.

Tip : Take an outfit that you typically wear a plain t-shirt with, and switch it out with a button up of a matching color. The result will be a slightly different look, but a still perfectly matched pair.

You will notice that I’m wearing tights again, but don’t worry. The weather’s just fine and springy here in California. These were just taken when it was still a little colder and I just realized I hadn’t posted them yet.


Print Mixing : Bows and Stripes

21 Mar

Print Mixing - Bows and Stripes-5
Print Mixing - Bows and Stripes-2
Print Mixing - Bows and Stripes-3
Button Up : Pimkie
T-Shirt : H&M
Scarf : Made by Me
Jeans : Unknown
Shoes : Unknown

Is it just me or does this outfit look really similar to this one? I promise it wasn’t on purpose! Well, by now I’m sure that you know that I’m more than a little stripe obsessed. And also I have this problem where I have to wear new things as soon as I get them and then wear them over and over until I get super bored of them. I’m sure both of these will happen with this scarf, but not so sure about the striped top. There’s just so many different ways to wear it! And this is probably my new favorite.

Print Mixing - Bows and Stripes-1
Print mixing is sometimes a little scary, but when you’re sticking to the same color palette it looks super chic and it’s extremely easy!

Print Mixing - Bows and Stripes-4
Tip: Treat stripes as a neutral; you can pair pretty much anything with a striped top, skirt, or jacket.

I apologize for all of the unknown pieces. Most of that is because I haven’t really changed sizes since the 8th grade and so a lot of these staple pieces have been in my wardrobe for a long time and I have no idea where some of them came from. And also some things are gifts and it would be weird to be like “Hey, where did you get this from?” Though I’m not sure my friends would remember either.