Things I’m Loving & Things I’m Coveting

7 May

Express Reversible V-Neck Cami, Mightiest Maraschino Clinique Chubby Stick, Linea Pelle Grayson Bar Crossbody, Fossil Mint CelineYou know those people who listen to their new favorite song on repeat until everyone around them starts to hate that song? Do they drive you crazy? Well I have a confession. I’m one of those people. I’ll listen to a song on repeat until I know all the words and then a bunch of times afterward. And when I’m done with that, I don’t dump it and move on to the next song, no, that song then goes into regular rotation along with the other songs that I obsessed about once upon a time.

And it’s not just with songs. It’s the same whenever I discover something new that I love. And since I’ve been obsessing about these things for a while now, I thought it was time to share these with all of you.

Express Reversible V-Neck Tank
I’m completely in love with this reversible tank from Express. It’s such a versatile piece, and the fact that it’s reversible makes it even more so. It’s a perfect staple piece that anyone could use in their wardrobe, and the fact that it’s both a neutral and a bright in one makes it even better. Especially with the weather warming up I’ve found myself gravitating to it more and more. It looks great tucked or untucked, and both colors work well in my wardrobe. I’m considering picking up 2 more in different colors.

Mightiest Maraschino Clinique Chubby Stick
I found the Clinique Chubby Stick in a friend’s makeup bag, and after trying it on, instantly knew I needed one of my own. It’s a lipstick/lip balm/lip gloss hybrid that takes the best parts of all three and fuses them together. The red is vibrant and bold, but since it’s slightly sheer, it looks more casual than a typical red lip and works for any occasion. And the fact that it’s moisturizing is definitely a plus.

And the Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Pen. Apparently I’m the last person to get on this bandwagon; pretty much every one of my friends had one of these before I did. And after using their pencils a few times, I knew that my eyeliner just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I normally use Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, and I do still like it, but there’s something just so pretty about the clean and sharp lines of a liquid eyeliner, and this one makes it so easy to do it neatly.

And now a few things that I’m obsessing about that I don’t actually own…well at least not yet.

Mint Face Fossil Celine
When I saw this watch for the first time, my heart may have stopped for a second. The mint. It has a mint face! And I’d been thinking about getting a gold watch for some time now. But then I saw it was rose gold and my excitement waned a little. I’m not a huge fan of how rose gold looks on my skin tone. I don’t feel like it pops enough. But I love this watch. And I’ve been staring at pictures of it online. So I think I might try it on and see how it looks on me and then see if I still want it as bad.

Linea Pelle Grayson Bar Bag
And then there’s this Linea Pelle bag. I’m normally a clutch girl, but I’ve recently rediscovered how convenient crossbody bags are. This bag is the perfect hybrid between the two and I love the unique design. And the blue color is would work well with my wardrobe. So now it’s just a matter of waiting for the next sale, if I can wait that long that is.

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