My Inner Badass

12 Apr

My Inner Badass-5
My Inner Badass-12
My Inner Badass-11
My Inner Badass-10
Top: Express
Jacket: Pimkie (similar)
Jeans: New York and Company
Necklace: c/o Outrage Fashion
Ear Cuff: Forever 21

Isn’t it funny how the littlest things can totally change your personal style? When I cut my hair short a few years ago my style shifted to a more clean modern look (I’m sure living in France for a while also played into to that style phase), and now that it’s grown out, I typically go for more fun and feminine looks.

And so, when I put on this necklace from Outrage Fashion, I could feel my inner badass coming to the surface. I wanted to wear my leather jacket and drive around on a motorcycle that I do not have (or know how to ride for that matter). I even donned the ear cuff that I had previously deemed too bold.

My Inner Badass-4

That’s one of my favorite things about fashion. You can present whichever version of yourself that you’re feeling like to the world. Today, with my pearl studs, chunky ear cuff, red lipstick, heels, and spiked necklace, I’m this blend of feminine and edgy. Clearly it isn’t in my DNA to go full badass. I tried to come across as cool in the photos, but I just couldn’t stop laughing (yet another reason I could never be a model).

What personas do you like to put on through your clothing?


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