St. Patty’s Day Pink?

17 Mar

St. Patty's Day Purple-4
St. Patty's Day Purple-5
St. Patty's Day Purple-2
Shirt: Express
Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Abella (via DSW)

So I took these pictures late yesterday and completely forgot that today was St. Patrick’s Day so no green featured in this outfit. And also since my one green shirt was ruined at our St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday, I’m not wearing green now either, which is OK because since this is online no one can pinch me.

So here’s my loud rebellion against being required to wear green for a day (actually I really love any sort of holiday, St. Patrick’s Day included, and I especially love taking the opportunity to dress up according to a theme, but I guess I just really don’t own much green).

Also this shirt is reversible which is really awesome. I love cool details like reversible clothing, almost invisible side-seam pockets, and bright colored or printed linings in bags.


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