Happy Belated 1st Birthday!

4 Mar


As most of my friends could tell you, I’m normally not the greatest at remembering special dates, so it comes as no surprise that I forgot my blog’s first birthday…or is it a blogiversary? But I figured celebrating it belatedly is better than not at all, so l wanted to take a minute to look back on this past year and reminisce a little.

So last year around this time, I started my blog when I was feeling almost purposeless. I’d been out of college for a couple months at that point, living at home which hadn’t at all been part of my life plan, and pretty disillusioned about everything. So I decided to do something instead of sitting on my butt, and I started this blog. And it was fun. More fun than I ever expected. And it gave me the purpose I needed to pull everything together.

Now a year later, I’m amazed at how much has changed. I’ll be officially starting medical school in Philadelphia in 4 months which is amazing, but more than that I I’m so glad that I had this year to just find me again. I spent the last year doing things that I loved. Doing things just because I wanted to do them. And to be honest, after micromanaging and planning my life down to the minute for so long, I had kind of forgotten what that felt like. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences in my life over the past year, and yeah it was definitely a bit of a bumpy road in the beginning, but I have to say the highs of this year just made it all worth it.

Thanks all of you for sticking around with me over the past year, and for joining me on this ride. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get to Philly (On that note, anyone know anyone who would be down to be my photographer in Philly ;)?), but I’m sure it’ll all work out, and until then you’ll definitely be seeing me around a lot!


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