Jeans that Actually Fit?!

27 Feb

Jeans that Fit-1

Jeans that Fit-1-2

Jeans that Fit-2

Jacket: Michael Kors
Button-Up: Levi’s (similar)
Sweater: Uniqlo
Jeans: NY and Company

So after years of searching (not that hard apparently), I finally found jeans that actually fit. No not the unfortunately thin super stretchy variety of jeans, but real jeans that fit. So I was totally doing the happy dance…until I realized New York and Company only carries the style in one wash. Ah well, I’ve also been meaning to go get sized at the Levi’s store because I’ve heard good things about their curve ID line, but have been dragging my feet for the longest time because “jeans just don’t fit me.” But now after finding one pair that fits, I’m more hopeful of finding another pair that will.

Also if you plan on trying out the jeans, be aware you need to size down a lot. I think I sized down 3 or 4 whole sizes


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