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8 Jan

I’ve had a rather interesting past couple weeks, so before I actually spill my awesome news, let’s get you all caught up. Last month, in typical Mega fashion, I took on a lot of work. Way more than I probably should have. And also in typical Mega fashion, it got to be too much for me and I wasn’t really eating and sleeping as much as I should have been either.

So guess what that led to? I got sick. Right before Christmas. And no it wasn’t just any kind of sick, because my body like the rest of me doesn’t do anything halfway. So I got a nasty virus called shingles, which is basically the chicken pox virus remanifesting itself in a much more painful form. So I was pretty miserable all through Christmas which was rough because it’s pretty much my favorite holiday of the year.

But, then I got something kind of awesome in the mail that did cheer me up.

Redbook Feature-2

That’s me. In Redbook magazine! On page 58 of the January issue to be exact!

Redbook Feature-1

Which is completely amazing, and definitely made my week or month even. And props to all the other stunning girls who were featured too : Shaina, Caitlyn, Khatu, Alexa, Pau, and Annette.

I’m feeling much better now and the virus has mostly left my system I think, so I’ll finally be returning to my regular posting schedule. I missed you all!