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Building a Wardrobe: 8 Tops Every Woman Needs

9 Sep

I know some of you have asked me for suggestions on how to put together a complete and versatile wardrobe, so I’ve started this series on wardrobe tips that I hope will help with that. Feel free to shoot any other questions you have my way!

So before we begin, I just want to clarify that these are my must haves and they’ll likely be very different from person to person depending on what you need to dress for on a day to day basis. I’d also love to hear how your requirements are similar or different from mine.

Today we’ll be covering the tops that I could not live without.


The great thing about all of these tops is they work well either tucked or untucked, and because they are on the simpler side, they can be styled in so many different ways.

For plain v-necks and scoop necks, my favorites by far are the Mossimo ones that Target carries. They aren’t too thin like some of the other ones I’ve purchased at other stores, they’re have just the right amount of stretch, they come in such a great variety of colors, and they’re very affordable. When buying this kind of t-shirt, go for something that’s fitted but not tight. If you go for one that clings to your body too tightly, the top might look good on jeans, but it won’t look as nice when you try to tuck it in.

Gold Isn't So Bad After All-8
Here you can see how I used my simple scoop neck as a base to build a fun outfit.

I have a variety of different embellished tees, some traditional t-shirts and others out of alternative materials, but this one is great because while that little extra sparkle makes it pop, it’s still a very versatile top that can go from day to night.

I’ve already gone on and on about the wonders of striped tops so I’ll just include a shot of one of my favorite striped shirt outfits and where you can find my favorite striped top.

Pink Scallops and Stripes-3

As for button-ups, they’re pretty much the dressed up version of an ordinary t-shirt so they end up being just as versatile as the typical tee. My favorites are the chambray, chiffon, an all-purpose white, and a sleeveless for more casual occasions.

A chambray button-down goes with everything and every color, just like a pair of jeans would, which makes it a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe. My personal favorite is this one from Levi’s.

Denim is a Neutral Right--4

As for a chiffon button-up, the drape makes them so flattering on almost anyone, and they’re a softer, less professional take on the traditional button-up.

Pencil Skirt Pop-5

A white button front shirt can be the perfect canvas to accessorize and build an outfit around, and a sleeveless buttoned top is a more relaxed take on such a top.

Where you can find these items for your wardrobe:
Plain Scoop Neck and V-Neck Tees: Target
Embellished T-Shirt: Target
Striped Shirt: H&M
Chambray Button-Down: Levi’s
White Button-Front: New York and Company/Liz Claiborne
Chiffon Button-Up : JCPenney
Sleeveless Button-Down : Express/JCPenney

I hope this was helpful to you all! Keep an eye out for more posts in the wardrobe tips series.

My Recent Buys

5 Sep

All Purpose Colored Jeans-3

All Purpose Colored Jeans-10

All Purpose Colored Jeans-8

Top: Forever 21
Jeans:7 For All Mankind
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: DSW

Guess what? I finally decided I was going to make the jump and splurged on the Micheal Kors watch I’ve been eying for a while. I was iffy about it because I learned that Micheal Kors watches are all made by Fossil, which are typically at a much lower price point, but I just couldn’t find another watch that was as perfect for me as this one was. Plus Amazon was selling it for almost $100 off of retail price which puts it on par with the the other watches Fossil sells when it comes to price.

All Purpose Colored Jeans-11
And I’m glad I did, because I love it to pieces and want to wear it with everything.

Also rocking light mustard jeans that I found this weekend during my labor day shopping expedition. They’re so comfy and cute!

Rocking a Romper…Sort of

3 Sep




Top : Macy’s (old)
Jeans : Forever 21
Shoes : Flats : Betsyville via JCPenney

This shirt is actually a romper, and also a lesson in why you shouldn’t just buy things because they’re on trend.

I loved the top part of this and I had kind of been wanting a romper so I picked it up without even trying it on. While I’m sure I could find a romper that was flattering on me, this thin jersey that clung to my hips in a rather unpleasant manner wasn’t the best choice.

But I’ve kept it in my closet because I really do love the top part, and the fact that it’s a romper makes it a breeze to tuck it in to anything. When tucking something in, a slim fitting but not tight top is the most flattering I think.

Tip: When your top is a little wider than you’d like, a little trick I use is pinching the fabric in the center back of the top before tucking it in, which gathers it a little in the center and gives you a more streamlined look in the front.

Also, it rained for the first day in a while yesterday, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for some crisp fall weather, and warm cuddly sweaters. For some reason I’m looking forward to fall more than usual this year…might be the fact that for the first time in almost 15 years the beginning of fall doesn’t coincide with the beginning of school.