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Bleaching Jeans Round 2

24 Jun

Bleached Jeans Part 2-5

Bleached Jeans Part 2-6

Top: Kohls (similar)
Jeans: Unknown (used to be this, and then this)
Shoes: DSW

bleached jeans

Guess what? I ended up rebleaching my pants. I couldn’t take them all the way to white, but I got a light wash of denim that I don’t already have in my closet so I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. Bleaching is definitely a lot more work than I had initially expected.

Interestingly the bleaching process also seems to have loosened up the jeans a bit. Maybe it messed with the elastic fibers? Either way, I think they look really cute cuffed now, and they’ve already gotten a ton of wear. What do you guys think?

Sharing the Tribal Print Love

22 Jun

Sharing the Tribal Print Love-5

Sharing the Tribal Print Love-4

Sharing the Tribal Print Love-6

Dress: Target I’m told (similar)
Vest: Macy’s I’m told (similar)

I spent the night at my best friend’s earlier this week and instead of wearing the clothing I’d packed the morning after, I ended up borrowing clothing from my best friend’s little sister (who is funnily also my little sister’s best friend). Seriously, wouldn’t you have done the same thing if you were in my shoes? Her clothing is just super cute. And who doesn’t love tribal print?

This kid is also a genius with braids so both my clothing and hairstyle are courtesy of her. I love milkmaid braids, but my layers typically make any braiding hard. Somehow though she put together this fantastic hairstyle. I love how my new highlights showcase the intricate braiding.

Sharing the Tribal Print Love-3

I really need to figure out how to replicate this on my own. But more likely than not I’ll probably have to wait until my hair grows out some more.

Pretty in Peplum

20 Jun

Pretty in Peplum -2

Pretty in Peplum -6

Pretty in Peplum -1

Jeans : Macy’s (similar)
Peplum Top : Express (similar)
Shoes : Jessica Simpson (similar)

I love fit and flare dresses, and even though a peplum top is pretty much a fit and flare top, I usually have mixed feelings about the trend. A peplum piece has to be cut perfectly to be flattering and even if it’s a tiny bit too short, or the waist is too high or low, the style starts looking funky.

So that’s why I was ecstatic when I found this cute top at Express. The length is just right, the fact that it’s sleeveless elongates the torso more, and the black panels at the side make it even more slimming. This is my go to fancy but not too fancy top and I’m surprised I haven’t featured it on the blog yet. What do you guys think? Is peplum on its way out or is it here to stay?

P.S: I just opened an Instagram account! Still trying to figure out how everything works, but you should definitely follow me! My account is dressuponacloudyday and here’s a link.

P.P.S: These pictures were taken last weekend when I was in San Diego for graduation! It was great to go back and see everyone and graduate officially (for those who don’t know I technically finished in December). I might post some pictures from our graduation photoshoot on Instagram so keep an eye out for them :).

Hello Butter Yellow!

17 Jun

Hello Butter Yellow!-6

Hello Butter Yellow!-7

Hello Butter Yellow!-4

Dress : c/o Mfandj Designs *
Hat : H&M (similar)
Shoes : Macy’s (similar)

I love the color yellow. While there may not be one single shade that is flattering to everyone, I believe that in the spectrum of yellows one can always find a flattering shade for their complexion. This shade might be a little lighter than the mustard color that I usually go with, but I really love the style. Pair it with a hat for easy breezy summer style.

I wasn’t always a lipstick girl, but I’ve been playing with it a lot more lately, and I have to say that I really am enjoying brighter colors. Do you guys have any favorite shades that you’d suggest to a lipstick newbie?

* This product was given to me courtesy of (c/o) Mfandj and Bonne Amie Boutique, but all opinions and writing are of my own.

Lazy Print Mixing

12 Jun

Lazy Print Mixing-1

Lazy Print Mixing-2

Lazy Print Mixing-5

Lazy Print Mixing-3

Headband : Unknown
Skirt : Macy’s (similar)
Collared Shirt: H&M (find in store)
T-shirt : Target
Shoes : Abella
Bracelet : Mardi Gras beads wrapped around a few times 😉

This is my lazy rendition of print mixing, and it’s also an easy way to try mixing prints. Because both prints have the same black and white color palette, they’re easy to combine. Honestly, if you weren’t looking too closely you’d probably confuse them for being the same print. The only problem is that you don’t really get the same effect when two prints are so close. I’d suggest playing with scale more if you’re using the exact same color palette.

My new trick for headbands is to pin back my hair first before putting on the headband. This way I don’t have to worry about my hair moving around or sticking up when the headband moves around and I have great hair all day. I’d definitely recommend trying it.

And if you’d like to see more print mixing, check out this great print mixing collaboration post that I did with a few other bloggers a few weeks ago.


10 Jun





Dress : H&M
Shoes : Decree (similar)
Necklace : Unknown
Bangles : Unknown
Clutch : M.U.D.D. (similar)

Occasionally, you get a piece of clothing that is just perfect the way it is. I wanted to add a belt to this dress, as I belt pretty much everything, but it just broke up the gorgeous print. Instead I accessorized with a long necklace and a few bangles, but allowed the dress and the print to take center stage.

A great outfit comes together when you have a eye for the details. A simple and well edited outfit speaks louder than a multi-layered look that is unbalanced and overwhelming. Actually, looking at the photos, I think I could have even edited down a little more. The clutch, while the print is so much fun, should have probably been left out.

Tribal with a Western Kick

6 Jun

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-8

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-3

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-10

Dress : Macys
Boots : H&M (similar)
Denim Jacket : Wet Seal (similar)
Bracelet : Unknown

I think this is probably the longest I’ve gone between blog posts. Things have been really crazy the past few days, but they’re definitely looking up.

I’m not sure what to call this style but it’s definitely one of my go to outfits. I loved the print on this dress, and it was on sale so I bought it even though the length was awkward (mid-calf) and then shortened it and rehemmed it when I got home.

I think just above knee-length is probably the most universally flattering length on any woman. Longer lengths often cut you mid-calf and have a shortening effect, and shorter lengths can sometimes be harder to pull off depending on your build and level of comfort.

Tribal with a bit of Western Flair-15

The other nice thing about rehemming the dress is that I took the bottom 7 inches or so and just turned it into an infinity scarf since it was already circular to begin with. So not only did I get a cute dress for a total steal, I got a scarf too!