Original Isn’t Impossible to Find

4 May

Pink, Polka Dots, and Lace-13

Pink, Polka Dots, and Lace-8

Pink, Polka Dots, and Lace-9

Pants : H&M
Top : Forever 21
Shoes : Unknown
Clutch : c/o Bonne Amie Boutique*

With the pink, lace and polka dots, I seriously don’t know how I could make this outfit any girlier…well maybe adding a bow somewhere. For the longest time I told people that I didn’t like pink. Now I like pretty much every color in the rainbow, but had always pink offended me because it was supposed to be for girls. And I didn’t want to like a color because I was supposed to. I wanted to like a color because I liked it.

It’s no secret that I like the idea of being unique and original, and for that reason I love products that are made by new and upcoming designers. I’ve found that Etsy is a great source of original wardrobe pieces and so I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite Etsy stores here on my blog.

Pink, Polka Dots, and Lace-6

I received this gorgeous polka dot clutch from Allison of Bonne Amie Boutique, and it’s fantastic and very well made. I love that it has an interesting chain strap that can be tucked into the clutch when I don’t need it and that it’s big enough to carry anything that I’d possibly need going out, even my massive wallet.

Pink, Polka Dots, and Lace-2

And if you’re looking to match a particular dress or outfit, Allison even makes custom clutches! I know I’m definitely going to be coming back for a clutch to match some of my Indian outfits as well; for some reason Indian designers don’t understand that women need pockets too.

Bonne Amie Boutique is offering the readers of Dress Up on a Cloudy Day a 10% discount on their products from now until May 30 with the code DRESSUP10, so make sure to stop by and take a peek!

* This product was given to me courtesy of (c/o) Bonne Amie Boutique, but all opinions and writing are of my own.


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