How to Combine Colors : Color Triads

2 May

Color Mixing - Picking two of a triad-8

Color Mixing - Picking two of a triad-7

Color Mixing - Picking two of a triad-5

Skirt : Forever 21 (similar)
Belt : Cotton On (similar)
Shoes : Audrey Brooke
Top : Unknown

So a color wheel is really just the result of taking the three primary colors : red, blue, and yellow, and mixing them with each other at different ratios. These three colors are all equal distances from each other on the color wheel and form a color triad. All of the other colors on the color wheel are also part of their own color triad.

the color triads

Color triads are groups of colors that are bold and complement each other well. For the purposes of putting together an outfit, I’d recommend only using two out of the three colors of a color triad. At the same time, since triadic colors tend to not be as intense as complementary colors you can use larger doses of color in your outfit.

Here I paired an orange with a deep green. I wouldn’t have thought to pair these two together, but I wanted to experiment with a color combination I hadn’t tried before and I really love it. It’s bright and fun, but doesn’t look like it was thrown together.

Color Mixing - Picking two of a triad-6

As you can probably tell, it was pretty windy during this photoshoot, and while keeping my hair from flying all over the place was a pain, I love how delicate and romantic the chiffon looks fluttering in the wind.

Which of the color triad combinations do you think would be the most fun to experiment with?

Also, be sure to check parts 1 and 2 of the “How to Combine Colors” series: Analogous Colors and Complimentary Colors.


One Response to “How to Combine Colors : Color Triads”

  1. Niru May 8, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    I didn’t realize there WERE triadic colors O.o this is a super useful post đŸ˜€

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