Layering Sweaters over Button-Ups

17 Mar

Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-1
Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-15
Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-7
Shorts : Old Navy
Button-Up : Levis
Sweater : Cotton On
Shoes : Unknown
Glasses : Warby Parker

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I promise my sweater is green, so you’re not even allowed to think about pinching me ok? It’s this muted yellow-green that is a color I don’t see very often, but a flattering, easy to wear green.

My mother told me that I wasn’t showing my legs enough in posts so people were going to think I was a nun, so Ma this post is for you. Honestly, I often just pull on a pair of tights because I’m a total wimp with weather and I’d rather be really warm than even the slightest bit cold. But as the weather warms up that’s become less of an issue.

Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-19
See my hair? I’ve never been able to pull off a top knot before, but since I got that haircut, I feel like this style is a lot more flattering. I think it’s because I have those face framing pieces that make it look a little less harsh.

Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-16
Tip 1: Layer sweaters over button ups to add variety to your wardrobe. I think the extra pop of color at the collar and at the sleeves makes a simple sweater more interesting.

Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups-11
Tip 2: Roll up your sleeves both so you can see the button-up peek out underneath and so that you don’t look like you’re being swallowed up by the sweater and shirt combo. Since layering a sweater on top of a button-up adds extra width, showing off even a little bit of your arms kind of balances that out.

Don’t forget to wear green today! I’ve gotten pinched one too many times over the years. I typically forget that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, walk out of the house and then get pinched by everyone I know. But today, I remembered!


2 Responses to “Layering Sweaters over Button-Ups”

  1. frompaulwithlove March 17, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    I love the whole sweater over button ups style (though I am quite terrible at step 2, rolling the sleeves)! It always seems to make every outfit feel a little bit scholarly.

    • Mega March 17, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

      I’ve found that when rolling sleeves, it helps to push up the sweater layer to your elbow and just roll up the button-up sleeves, and then adjust the sweater sleeves so the edges are hidden in that last fold. This is especially helpful with bulkier sweaters. Let me know if that helps :).

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