Emerald Green, Stripes, and Bows

19 Feb

Before you get to the good stuff, let’s make it clear that I am no expert in fashion. For me dressing up is just plain fun. A cute outfit puts that extra pep in my step during glum mornings, and makes me smile no matter what the weather. So in the future expect to see more outfits like this one, some do-it-yourself fashion tutorials, and some posts on how to pull off some of my favorite trends!

Green Blazer : H&M
Striped Top : H&M
Jeans : Forever 21
Infinity Scarf: Made by yours truly
Combat Boots: Madden Girl

You know when you have the image of the perfect piece of clothing in your head but when you head to the mall it’s nowhere to be found? My search for the perfect infinity scarf has been just like that.

I’d seen so many infinity scarves lately, but nothing that fit that exact image I had in my head. I wanted a print, but it also had to be a soft t-shirt fabric, it had to be within my budget, and it had to be thick enough to be a substantial scarf and not just neck decoration. I mean that’s not that specific is it?

The other day I was in my garage hunting for yet another thing I couldn’t find and rediscovered some fabric I bought last year. Ended up getting distracted and forgetting what I was looking for in the first place, but 30 minutes later I had my perfect infinity scarf. Well, it might be a little long, but nobody’s perfect.


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