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Colorblocking with Cobalt

27 Feb

Skirt : Forever 21
Sweater : H&M
Tights : “Borrowed” from a friend 😉
Cardigan : Gap
Shoes : Macys
Necklace : Macys

Normally when I go for skirts, I tend towards the more fitted silhouettes. Too much volume around my hips to makes me look a little disproportionate. This one doesn’t have that problem even though it is pleated because it’s high-waisted and the soft knitted fabric is more drapey than stiff.

I particularly love the blue band on the bottom. There’s something about cobalt that makes it so easy to wear. I have tons of tops, a few dresses, and now even a skirt in the color. I’ll go out looking for something different, but find myself gravitating towards the color. If bright colors make you nervous, this blue is a great way to add a pop to your wardrobe.

The cardigan is also a newish piece of mine. The texture on the cardigan makes it a little more special I feel. Or maybe that was just my way of justifying to myself that I could buy yet another gray cardigan.

Romantic Lace and Edgy Boots

24 Feb

Lace Dress : H&M
Shoes : Madden Girl
Crossbody Bag : Macys

I’m a big fan of belting to define my waist, but this dress really does look much better loose. Belting it just compromises the soft romantic quality of it. I didn’t want to take my outfit full on girly today though, so I made it a little more fun with my combat boots.

These boots are the most worn shoes in my closet because of their versatility. I can wear them tall or short, and the snaps on the side make that even easier. Combat boots are a great addition to any wardrobe I think because they can edge up a simple outfit, they’re a perfect contrast to girlier pieces, and they’re comfy and can handle most kinds of weather. These definitely get a lot of wear. You’ve already seen them unfolded in this post. I love the added details like the print on the lining.

And the tights add a little extra to the outfit and make it more weather appropriate (and they might also allow me to be lazy and avoid shaving my legs but you didn’t hear that from me 😉 ).

Polka Dot Frenzy and Lavender Love

22 Feb

Polka Dot Pants : Old Navy
Lavender Top : JCPenney
Necklace : Forever 21
Black Flats : Macys

I know, I know. Spring doesn’t officially start for almost another month. But I have this problem. Once I buy a piece of clothing I have to wear it within the next few days. . And this top is just the prettiest pale pastel color. I don’t think it comes across as well in the photos but in reality it’s a pale, almost grey, lavender. And besides, here in California it feels like spring has already started. The clouds are mostly gone, and the rain is almost nonexistent. Yep, that’s the extent of our winter. No snow ever, thank goodness. I’m a complete wimp when it comes to actual cold weather, and after spending a couple years living in the sunny city of San Diego, I’ve only been more spoiled.

Can we talk about polka dot pants though? The first time I saw them I knew I needed a pair. They are so much fun! I think these are rather subtle for polka dots though. From far away they look like plain navy pants. And then when you come up close, surprise! Yep. Definitely a source of amusement for me.

Emerald Green, Stripes, and Bows

19 Feb

Before you get to the good stuff, let’s make it clear that I am no expert in fashion. For me dressing up is just plain fun. A cute outfit puts that extra pep in my step during glum mornings, and makes me smile no matter what the weather. So in the future expect to see more outfits like this one, some do-it-yourself fashion tutorials, and some posts on how to pull off some of my favorite trends!

Green Blazer : H&M
Striped Top : H&M
Jeans : Forever 21
Infinity Scarf: Made by yours truly
Combat Boots: Madden Girl

You know when you have the image of the perfect piece of clothing in your head but when you head to the mall it’s nowhere to be found? My search for the perfect infinity scarf has been just like that.

I’d seen so many infinity scarves lately, but nothing that fit that exact image I had in my head. I wanted a print, but it also had to be a soft t-shirt fabric, it had to be within my budget, and it had to be thick enough to be a substantial scarf and not just neck decoration. I mean that’s not that specific is it?

The other day I was in my garage hunting for yet another thing I couldn’t find and rediscovered some fabric I bought last year. Ended up getting distracted and forgetting what I was looking for in the first place, but 30 minutes later I had my perfect infinity scarf. Well, it might be a little long, but nobody’s perfect.